Interactive Insect Encounters

Never seen a cockroach with this kind of pattern before! Interesting the way insect encounters support with taking a moment to appreciate my physical environment, where for a moment my focus is completely in looking at this insect. Interesting also how insects have these elaborate patterns. Which brings me to […]

Day 355: My Body Type and the Movement of Energy Within Me – Eqafe Review

This blog is a review of the Eqafe series on the Consciousness of the Spider Monkey, which you can find here: https://eqafe.com/p/consciousness-of-the-spider-monkey-part-1https://eqafe.com/p/consciousness-of-the-spider-monkey-part-2 I’d like to share my experience in relation to a point discussed by the Spider Monkey regarding the way in which a person’s physical body type and mass […]

Day 341: Eqafe Review – Body Language: Suppression When Holding Your Thumbs

Review of the Eqafe interview: 
Gorilla Style – Body Language
https://eqafe.com/p/gorilla-style-body-language Sharing my personal experience with the body language point of holding one’s thumb inside a fist and how this indicates suppression of Self, and what I’ve experienced within changing myself in such moments. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FMattiFreeman%2Fvideos%2F10154706657193076%2F&width=500&show_text=false&height=893&appId And check out the Desteni “I” […]

Day 333: Redefining Words: Patience and Impatience

I was inspired by the Reptilian series interview about Patience, to investigate the word Patience for myself and redefine it. You can hear the interview here:Patience: A Patient of… – Reptilians – Part 546https://eqafe.com/p/patience-a-patient-of-reptilians-part-546 So, let’s look at Patience. It seems that Patience goes hand in hand with Impatience. When […]

Day 325: Perfectionism vs. Self Perfection: My Experience

Sharing how I’v recently changed how I see the word Perfect in the context of creative projects, and how, in giving up wanting certain things to be perfect, the opportunity for self-perfection opens up more. Suggested listening:The Perfection Series on Eqafe.Part 1: https://eqafe.com/p/perfection-the-un-holy-trinity-atlanteans-part-423 Self Perfection Tools:http://www.desteniiprocess.com